If you cast your mind back a few years, tinted office windows were more of a statement than a necessity. It was only the bigger companies with unlimited budgets who wanted to impress the public that could afford tinted windows, and anyway, why bother because it was only a fashion statement?

Times have changed and we now realise the benefits of tinted windows in the workplace and luckily with the increase in their popularity, the prices have dropped accordingly. Tinting your office windows no longer has to break the bank, so let’s look at 5 reasons why you should add tinted windows to your office.

Protect your furniture

Exposure to sunlight for long periods of time can fade blinds, curtains, upholstery, carpets and furniture in your office, giving it a worn and ‘uncared for’ look. This not only costs you additional money to replace these items sooner than really necessary, but it doesn’t give a good impression to your customers or your office staff.

Increased privacy and security

Choosing a dark shade of tint prevents people from looking into your office as they walk by, something that can be off-putting for customers and staff. Window tints also deter would-be opportunistic burglars from braking in because they can’t easily see what’s inside! Another great benefit of the newer and more high-tech commercial window tints is that they are thicker than normal and stop broken windows from shattering, which makes a burglar’s job of ‘break and enter’ much more difficult.

More comfortable for your staff and customers

The glare and the heat of the sun streaming through untinted windows in your office can make both staff and customers extremely uncomfortable. Installing office window tints however, prevents the sun from blazing into your office, keeping it cooler on hot, summer days and reducing the glare all year round.

Cheaper power bills

Not having to switch the air-conditioning on, or at the very least not having to turn it up so high in the summer, is one of the huge benefits of installing office window tinting. With energy bills continually increasing every year, everyone is looking for ways to cut their overheads, making window tints a very cost-effective strategy. Can you just imagine how much your power bills will reduce every year if you eliminate 85% of the heat coming through the windows? With a large office space, you will make significant savings every year, simply by installing office window tinting.

Enhanced appearance

You can’t deny that a professionally applied window tint looks smart and sleek. If you have a ground floor office space with customers and pedestrians walking by all the time, the external appearance of your office can make a big difference to the number of people who cross your threshold. A wide array of tinted windows on higher floors also looks very impressive, giving people the expectation that you are an established company with a good reputation, one which they might decide to explore at some time in the present or future.

At AAWT, we have a range of different tinting shades for offices, as well as a 3M security film that helps to protect your business against break-ins. With so many benefits to office window tinting, isn’t it time you made the call?