Buying on price alone.

Cars eh! They cost plenty to buy and maintain.

Would you consider allowing “just anybody” to work on your car?

If you ring around to a number of tinting shops you might find the price varies greatly.  Sometimes this depends on fixed overheads, but mostly it depends on both the quality and type of the film used and skill level of the installer.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that they are buying tint as a product, when in fact they are also buying the skill of the Tinter.  Like every industry, there is variation of skill levels. Generally high skills are developed simply by experience, but it’s also the attitude and work ethic of the Tinter that will determine the result every time.  Tinters get paid according to their skill level.  The higher the skill the higher their income, and this is reflected in the price by only a few dollars.

If you believe that you have gotten a bargain, you should ask yourself and the tinter why and where the reduction is coming from?

5 Mistakes to avoid when Tinting your car

Stick to the Professionals.  

You do not need to be qualified to install window film.   The Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ) is the industry body and does have National Accreditation for Tinters but it is self regulated and not a requirement to become a Tinter.  Before you commit to booking your car in, check out the Tinting Business thoroughly.  Have a look online, does the business appear neat, tidy and above all, professional?  Professional businesses do a professional job!  They have far more skin in the game and rely heavily on their good reputation for their continued success.

Ensure your Tinter is a WFAANZ Member.

Above all, do not seek recommendations on social media.  Most people who will happily advise you, have absolutely no idea when its come to window tinting or the pros and cons of it.  Pick up the phone or call in to the local tinting shops and make your own decision on who suits you best!

Understand the film performance.

Not all window film (tint) is the same!

There is a massive about of different films available to the Australian market.  State of the art, high quality and high performing films are available to nearly every tinting company.

Disappointingly, many installers chase the cheapest quality film to maximise their profit.  These operators do you, themselves and the entire industry an injustice. 

Ask your installer for verified TSER (Total Solar Energy Reduction) results.

A tinting business with only one type of film is a red flag that the Tinter has limited product knowledge and experience.

Keep it Legal.

Road Transport Authorities have specific legislation when it comes to changing the Visual Light Transparency (VLT) of the glass in your highly engineered vehicle.  Nearly all States and Territories are consistent with the VLT rules however there are specific rules in specific states, and no one knows these better than a professional Tinter, after all their livelihood counts on it.

Having tint installed on your car that is too dark will render your vehicle unroadworthy and could expose you to insurance issues and even legal action.

Keep your Warranty safe.

It is absolutely imperative that you purchase window tinting from a reputable installer.  Simply put, the warranty is useless if the installer is no longer in business.    Almost all automotive tinting comes with a lifetime warranty and it’s crucial that you keep this in a safe place.  The warranty is not transferable and if the paperwork is not available to the installer if you have a problem there is very little chance of it being honored.