The solution is clear! Protection Plus Window Film provides a tough invisible barrier.

  • Protects glass from most forms of vandalism
  • Greatly reduces the visual effect of glass that is scratched
  • Blocks up to 99% UV rays
  • Tough scratch resistant hardcoat
  • Easy and cost effective
  • Virtually invisible – high clarity almost the same as glass
  • 2 year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Can be applied to any hard non-porous surface

Protective Film is very cost effective due to quick and easy application and replacement. Our team of expert tradesmen can respond quickly to damage so your business is quickly presentable with minimal interruption to your trade.

Protection Plus Window Film also covers scratches in the glass. The cost difference between applying Protection Plus Film and replacing the glass in most cases is less than 50%.

All About Window Tinting are the leading professionals in the area of Anti Vandal film.