Window film is applied to a sheet of glass to improve its thermal performance, safety or appearance. A wide range of films are available to achieve different results, depending on your specific needs.

There are three broad categories of window film.

1. Solar films

  • Control the temperature inside a car, home or office and ensure air conditioning systems work more efficiently
  • Range in darkness, from almost transparent to dark grey
  • State laws govern the darkness of automotive tints
  • Homes or buildings can employ film of any darkness
  • Almost clear, low reflective films ensure minimal change to the look and retention of light
  • Many residential window films have been energy rated as part of the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)

2. Safety films

  • Usually clear
  • Protect glass from shattering in public places
  • For use in bomb blast mitigation
  • Bring old ‘float’ glass up to current Australian Standards
  • Anti-graffiti films which absorb scratch graffiti and can be replaced

3. Decorative and Privacy films

  • Thousands of films are used to improve glass in commercial buildings and vehicles
  • Frost film used for office privacy
  • Coloured vinyl films are used in the signage industry
  • Digitally printed films can display any design or artwork