Are you and your Family protected?

With the significant increase in home invasions, Melbourne residents are looking for a cost effective strategy to prevent unauthorised entry into the Family home. Glass doors and windows are the most venerable entry points and can now be quickly secured with a clear multilayered polyester film.

In most cases the thugs simply steal any goods of value and leave, however in 40% of homes invasions the residents are home and are subjected to the horrific event!

Security Film for glass windows is totally clear, generally undetectable, and nearly impossible to penetrate. Safety film has been used for years on commercial premises for the very same reason.

Available in varying thicknesses window security film chemically bonds to the glass. We also apply a structural silicone adhesive to bond the film and glass to the frame. This method has a proven track record on deterring entry to both Commercial and Residential properties alike.

The single most significant benefit of installing window protection film is increased time. If you or your family are home the added time taken to gain access gives you time to prepare or evade and the police time to react. If you are not at home, the noise in attempting to break through the glass security film will be excessive and can alert neighbours.


Security doors are obviously a great deterrent, and if you have these installed we simply install security film on glass that is not covered.

  • Clear and will not change the clarity of the glass
  • Effective barrier against burglary
  • Fast to install by professionals
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime ownership warranty


Window Security Film

Window security film is distributed in Australia by all leading window film manufactures including 3M, Hanita Coatings and Solargard, just to name a few. All are very similar in design and construction. There are two considerations for you to discuss with us in preference to brand name, whether you’re considering 3M window film or one of the others. Film thickness is measured in “Millionth of an inch” terms and Tensile Strength is measured in “Pounds per square inch or PSI”. These are things we can explain to you in plain English so feel free to get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.

3m Security Film

3m security film is one of the most popular on the market and has a number of benefits. They offer a basic protection level which is available in both clear or tinted sun-control options. This is perfect if you want to enhance security of your premises and make it more energy efficient, blocking out UV rays. 3m also has single-layer 7 and 8 ml polyester films which are paired with a special thicker adhesive. This helps to hold broken glass together so even if it’s smashed it is still very hard to penetrate.

For all enquiries on 3m security film or any other safety film for glass windows, please call AAWT on 03 9724 9111.