How often have you seen a car with window tinting that has gone wrong? It’s all bubbly, rolled up, peeling and looks terrible. This is often an occurrence when people try and install the film themselves, instead of opting for a professional.

The problem is that DIY is becoming more and more popular in Australia (just look at all the reality shows on TV), resulting in an army of Aussies renovating their homes. Stores like Bunnings make it all appear very easy, even putting on free DIY classes to help homeowners renovate or makeover their homes.

Unfortunately, tinting your car’s windows isn’t one of the tasks you should try and tackle yourself, as it’s best left to the professionals to ensure it’s done right.

However, if you’re thinking about racing out and buying DIY tints to install yourself, here are a few more reasons that might make you see the light!

DIY window tinting can end up more expensive

Without a doubt, if you try applying the tints yourself, it’s very likely not going to go well and you will probably end up having to pay someone to do it professionally for you. This means that you spend good money on buying the window tints, only to spend even more money on having it all redone by an expert.

This approach will cost you even more still, because you have to pay the professionals to remove the tints you applied and this takes time, as tint removal is a difficult job. So the cheap job you wanted to do yourself, knowing that you would save money, turns into an extremely expensive restoration job with you paying to have the DIY tints removed and new window tints applied correctly.

Do you know all the regulations for window tinting?

You can’t just apply any tints to your car’s windows, they need to be legal tints for your state or territory. The police regularly keep an eye open for dark illegal tints, stopping vehicles and costing their owners money in fines, removing the illegal tints and applying legal tints. So if you don’t know the rules, you will learn a very costly lesson.

In Victoria, your window tints can’t block out more than 70% or 65% of the light, because VicRoads enforce a maximum 30% to 35% VLT on auto tints. Below 30% VLT, your tints are illegal and your car is deemed unroadworthy. So it pays to make the right decision regarding your window tints or else you will pay the piper!

DIY tints are low quality

The quality of DIY tints is usually quite low, which is one reason they are so cheap. You can of course buy better quality DIY window tints, but you need a lot of confidence in yourself to be able to install them correctly. The problem is that this bravado is usually unfounded and you either end up paying a professional to put it all right or driving around with terrible tinting. Another issue with DIY is that you don’t get custom tints to suit your specific needs. Hiring a professional installer will also give you expert advice, so they can tailor window film to suit your requirements.

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