7 Things to Know About Car Window Tints

Car tinting in Melbourne is described as a process of applying a laminated film on your vehicle's glass. This process is done for both security and functional reasons. While some people prefer to get their car’s windows tinted to reduce sun glare and get additional protection against UV rays, some [...]

By |8 March 2022|

The Pros and Cons of Home Window Tinted

Residential window tinting is made of extra-thin and lightweight polyester material that protect your home’s interiors by blocking out excess light and UV rays. If you want to further benefit from window tinting, here are a few pros and cons to help you understand the process better.  PROS OF RESIDENTIAL [...]

By |8 March 2022|

7 Benefits of Window Tinting for your Home

Considering the Idea of Tinting your Home Windows and Wondering if it is Right for your Property? If you are exploring home improvement solutions, window tinting can offer rewarding benefits. Listed below are a few reasons that make residential window tinting a popular option for homeowners. Save on Your [...]

By |29 November 2021|

Will Tinted Car Windows Protect You from UV?

Are you Aware that Tinting Car Windows is much more than Just an Aesthetic Enhancement? Australians who drive regularly are at an increased risk of skin damage. In most cases, the car windows are made from low-quality tempered glass that offers no protection against the UV rays from the [...]

By |29 November 2021|

5 Reasons Why Window Tinting is Helpful for the Office

Looking for Innovative Ways to Create a Comfortable and Stylish Office Space? Window tinting offers a cost-effective way to increase the appeal of your business space while creating a well-protected workroom for your employees. Modern offices consist of large windows that brighten up the interior but also lead to [...]

By |25 November 2021|

Why Should You Tint Your Window?

Wondering What Makes Window Tinting a Popular And Cost-Effective Option? Window tinting offers a fabulous upgrade and is preferred for its amazing benefits. The advantages of window tinting are much more than just aesthetics and you should consider installing a window film. Car, home or office window tinting offers [...]

By |23 November 2021|

5 Mistakes to avoid when Tinting your car

Buying on price alone. Cars eh! They cost plenty to buy and maintain. Would you consider allowing “just anybody” to work on your car? […]

By |27 July 2020|

How to Maximise Your Car’s Resale Value

We all know that the value of a new car drops as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. There are however, things that you can do to maximise the sales price of your car when it comes time to sell or trade it in on a new [...]

By |20 June 2019|

Low-E window film ticks all the boxes

With more and more Aussies becoming environmentally aware, it’s no wonder that low emission or low-E film has become popular among both home and business owners. Low-E film is a micro thin transparent film with a metal coating that is applied to the inside of single glazed windows and doors, [...]

By |22 April 2019|

How to ensure your car tint is legal

One of the most popular after-sales auto upgrades are window tints, because they reduce the effects of UV light on a vehicle’s interior furnishings, keep the interior cool and provide privacy. The problem is that there are legal limits to the VLT of an auto tint (the amount of visible [...]

By |20 February 2019|

A quality car deserves a quality tint

We don’t get see too many of these classic Landcruiser 80 series in such good condition as this example that was dropped off for window tinting today. The owner was absolutely rapt with the new look! Ashley chose the High-Quality Ceramic Film for its heat rejection and look. […]

By |18 February 2019|

Should window tinting be left to the experts?

How often have you seen a car with window tinting that has gone wrong? It’s all bubbly, rolled up, peeling and looks terrible. This is often an occurrence when people try and install the film themselves, instead of opting for a professional. The problem is that DIY is becoming more [...]

By |14 December 2018|

Why Tinted Windows Add Value to Your Home

Most Aussies understand that tinting the windows of their vehicle cuts down on the heat inside the car, protects the interior from fading and also gives them a certain amount of privacy. Not many of us however, consider tinting the windows of our home. But the same rational applies to [...]

By |25 June 2018|

5 Benefits of Tinting Your Office Windows

If you cast your mind back a few years, tinted office windows were more of a statement than a necessity. It was only the bigger companies with unlimited budgets who wanted to impress the public that could afford tinted windows, and anyway, why bother because it was only a fashion [...]

By |28 February 2018|

Why Window Tinting Your Car Is Smart

Many Aussies love window tinting, because it makes their cars look amazing.  Whilst the aesthetics is a very good reason for having your car’s windows tinted, there are a few other practical reasons that makes window tinting a worthwhile investment. […]

By |19 December 2017|

Maintaining Your Tinted Windows

When you have invested good money in tinted windows for your home, office building or prized car, you want it to look as good as new for as long as possible. That being said, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is to use the wrong cleaning products, which [...]

By |28 September 2017|

Security Film for Glass Windows

Are you and your Family protected? With the significant increase in home invasions, Melbourne residents are looking for a cost effective strategy to prevent unauthorised entry into the Family home. Glass doors and windows are the most venerable entry points and can now be quickly secured with a clear multilayered [...]

By |23 June 2017|
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