Reducing energy consumption has become increasingly important for business and home owners, who want to save the environment and money.

Interesting Facts:

  • Over 40% of heat in a home can be lost through windows
  • 87% of solar heat into a home is gained through the windows
  • Common windows in the home transmit as much as 75% of UV rays that damage skin and fade furnishings, carpets and curtains
  • Around 87% of the light and heat that strikes a single pane window will pass through
  • Window film can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Australian homes are responsible for some 13% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • No glare, so maximising the usable space within a room
  • Reduced UV, Infrared and Visible Light damage
  • Artwork and photographs are protected
  • Less air conditioner maintenance
  • Retains heat normally lost through windows in winter.