Office Window Tinting in Melbourne

‘Keep Calm’ being the motto of business people, it is almost mandatory in an office environment to keep cool on the cognitive level. You may wonder how one can keep calm. Well, that’s because of window tinting for the office. This investment is way cheaper than buying and maintaining an air conditioning unit or HVAC system. Window tinting for offices has exponentially gained in popularity thanks to the multitude of benefits it provides not only to your physical office space but also to your employees.

Leading Provider of Office Window Tinting

Although we’re a commercial window tinting company in Melbourne, we truly care and provide customized tinting solutions. When you approach us to take care of your commercial window tinting in Melbourne, you get an unparalleled quality of service that is unmatched by our competitors. When it comes to offices, commercial window tinting is the solution; highly effective and often overlooked, office window tinting in Melbourne helps your work environment.

With Commercial Window Tinting, the glare on the computer monitor can be lowered. People have felt better working in offices because they feel at peace and in control of themselves. We are committed to providing comprehensive commercial window tinting in Melbourne as we understand that the Melbourne Business District has a significantly large number of offices, all of which could greatly benefit from window tinting. There are many possibilities with office tinting and we can suggest an option based on your requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Let’s be honest… We all know calm and relaxed employees make better decisions. Those decisions will surely impact your business. Commercial window tinting is a smart move for controlling the budget and the heat in the offices of Melbourne. Window tinting for offices is the best way to take care of these ailing issues without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

Energy efficiency is an ever-increasing concern for both building owners and business managers. Keeping your staff comfortable and productive, you have to enhance the working environment of the building; that can be done via our commercial window tinting in Melbourne. You really do not want to control the air conditioning system or HVAC at the end of the day; it’s such a waste! With commercial tinting in Melbourne, all of these problems become a thing of the past.

Air conditioning is expensive to run and maintain.

Power to run HVAC systems continue to increase the cost. In the last 5 years, HVAC system costs have increased by about 80% which is shocking! One more thing, air conditioning technicians are one of the highest-paid vocational jobs in the country. This is one of the primary reasons behind commercial tinting in Melbourne, becoming more of a necessity rather than just an option.

Although more property managers are being proactive and have tinting already installed across their buildings, we still have not been able to quantify the energy savings through the HVAC system. With data loggers and advanced computer programmes, we can now fairly and very accurately predict a reduction in energy consumption. This can be done by reducing the time the HVAC system operates. In return, reducing the repairs and maintenance needed for the HVAC system while nominating a payback period which will go for window film installation.

We can quickly and effectively provide accurate energy analysis on energy reduction and investment payback period. Our “ee” Energy Engineer partner can provide all R and U rating specifications required and work with all appropriate consultants.

Needless to say, the reduction of both running and maintenance costs can only add to your bottom line. More importantly, the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint and the enhancement of your good corporate citizenship is pretty great for you. This makes the office window tinting a very smart investment.

Low voltage and sensor-activated lighting is a good start. Till date, most energy that enters or leaves the building is via the glass windows., known as thermal wounds. Glass transmits thermal temperatures with little hindrance. You must have noticed, even on cooler days with little sun, many buildings still need to run cooling systems due to heat generated by human habitat and electronic equipment such as computers.

Energy Efficient Window Film is one of the most affordable systems that can reduce your HVAC and air conditioning running costs by up to 34% instantly.

Energy-efficient window film can equate up to a 20% energy saving. Short payback periods, long life expectancy and quick non-intrusive installation all make energy-efficient window film an attractive option for the astute management team.

Commercial Window Tinting

Professionally trained and experienced installers operate using the WERS program. WERS (Window Energy Rating System) gives you a star energy rating recognised by architects, energy assessors and government departments. Commercial window tinting has never been so easy or effective. At All About Window Tinting, we can make anything work for the best!

We can provide you with professional advice, accurate energy modelling and proven measurable results. Our commercial window film options are second to none.

Decorative Films

These are frosted and translucent films which are popular in both commercial and residential installations. It is often used to provide privacy without blocking out too much light.

Office Window Tinting Installation

For peace of mind and guaranteed results, all our installers are experienced technicians. They are trained under the supervision of Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand an accredited operator. We fall within the guidelines and standards as dictated by the WFAANZ. As expected, only Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) accredited operators can provide a nationally recognized WERS certificate.

We also supply 3M security film to help protect your business against break-ins. Security film for windows is a smart way to prevent robberies which can have a devastating effect on your workplace.

Our technicians are trained in access equipment. We have experience Working with Children Clearances and OH&S construction industry white cards for specific installations. Making your office window tinting is a seamless exercise. We will abide by Worksafe guidelines and not put our staff or yours at risk, ever.

At All About Window Tinting we also provide residential tinting services, so that your home can have the same benefits as your office. If you want to know more, then check out our home window tinting services.

Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)

The WERS for films program is owned and operated by Australian Window Association (AWA) in conjunction with the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand (WFAANZ). The program aims to simplify the technical and complex energy properties of glazing systems into a star rating system that is universally adopted by Architects, Designers and Energy Assessors. The system is extended to include Solar Control Window Film. To qualify, the film must be independently tested and rated. The installer or consultant must be accredited by the WFAANZ and trained and accredited in the WERS program.


Our Accreditation

Window Film Association of Australia (WFAANZ) Accredited Member # 174
International Window Film Association (IWFA) Technical and Installation
Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) Accredited Member # WWFA140


The film manufacturer warranties the film against failure and includes adhesion, bubbling and delaminating. For residential window tinting installations, the warranty can extend to a lifetime for internally installed film, but this depends on the film type and installation. The warranty is not transferable. The installer is required to carry the warranty for the quality of the installation. The extent of the warranty limited to the value of the installation and only members of the WFAANZ have agreed to comply with industry best practices.

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