Residential window tinting is made of extra-thin and lightweight polyester material that protect your home’s interiors by blocking out excess light and UV rays. If you want to further benefit from window tinting, here are a few pros and cons to help you understand the process better. 


  • Privacy 

Once window tinting is well-applied, it improves your privacy by making it almost impossible for anyone from outside to see inside your home during the day. You can bask in natural sunlight or enjoy the breeze while maintaining the privacy of your home. 

  • Better Aesthetics 

 Have a contemporary style home? There are a variety of residential tinting designs that blend well with your home’s aesthetics and compliment them. Adding window tints is a unique way to improve your home’s exteriors and add solid protection with minimal maintenance.  

  • Quick Installation  

Window tinting offers quick and easy installation. You can connect with a reliable window tinting company and they will guide you from start to finish. 

  • Reduced Energy Bills 

Residential window tinting blocks the sun and maintains a cool temperature during the summers. Less heat loss means an increase in HVAC efficiency and fewer bills. The high-quality tints significantly reduce thermal transfer and prevent both heat and winter air from coming inside. 

  • Complete UV Protection  

Residential tinting can block up to 99.9% of harmful UV and UVB Rays. You can stay protected from sunburn and enjoy your time inside the home.  

  • Less Glare 

Window tinting means less glare on the eyes. The film is responsible for improving your visual performance by causing less eye discomfort. Just like when you drive, your car’s window tints help you drive safely without straining your eyes. Similarly at home, glare produced from untinted screens such as your smartphones or laptops can affect your vision. But window tinting is equally effective and reduces up to 80-85% indoor glare.  


  • Installation Challenges  

While window tinting installation is a quick process it can still pose a number of installation challenges depending on your window designs.  

  • Choosing the Right Material  

With so many residential window tinting films available, going with the cheapest installation option might not be the best idea. You need to do some research and find out about the different types of tinting materials and choose one that fits your tinting needs.  

  • Application Process  

Poor tinting applications may peel off after some time which is why you must hire a professional to do the work that meets your expectations. 

  • Temperature Control  

Window tints will keep your home colder throughout the year. This means your home will be comparatively colder in winters because window tints reduce the sunlight entering your home and you will need more heat to maintain an ideal temperature. 

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