Many Aussies love window tinting, because it makes their cars look amazing.  Whilst the aesthetics is a very good reason for having your car’s windows tinted, there are a few other practical reasons that makes window tinting a worthwhile investment.

Protect you from UV rays

Living in Australia, we all know that prolonged exposure to UV rays causes skin melanomas and this past year (2017), nearly 14,000 new cases were diagnosed. Most of us remember to slap on sunscreen at the beach, but not many of us realise that the untinted side windows of our cars can let in up to 65% of the sun’s rays. This means that you are unknowingly exposing yourself to an increased risk of skin cancer, particularly your right arm if you are the driver. Tinted windows however, block out 100% of UVB rays and 98% of UVA rays, massively reducing your risk of skin cancer caused by over exposure to the sun’s rays while you are driving.

Reduce car burglary

We can all agree that theft in Australia seems to be on the increase, so leaving your belongings in plain view is just asking for trouble. Thieves know that when you park your car at the shopping centre you will be away for hours, so they have plenty of time to scope the car parks to locate easy pickings. Handbags, wallets, cameras, laptops and shopping bags in plain view are a thief’s dream come true. Window tinting however, makes it far more difficult for anyone to see what’s inside your car, reducing the likelihood of break-ins just on the off-chance that you might have something valuable inside.

Increased Privacy

Most of us feel weird when we are waiting at the traffic lights and the people in the car adjacent to us peer in and stare at us. Even drivers overtaking can have a good look at us as they pass on the road. It’s so much better when you have window tinting in your car, because this dramatically increases your privacy, preventing others from peering in at you and your passengers.

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

In our hot Aussie weather, the inside of our cars can become a furnace in the summer, particularly if cars are parked in the sun. A sunshade does help to some degree, but the sun still pours in through the side windows and sunshades are no good when you are driving. Window tinting however, is awesome, because it reduces the temperature inside your car by up to 65% – great for parked cars and even better for when you are driving (you don’t have to work the A/C so hard). It’s a sure thing that keeping the inside of your car cool and comfortable is so much easier with window tinting.

Protect the Car’s Interior

Another problem with the sun’s UV rays is that it fades and cracks your car’s interior. Leather seat covers can be seriously damaged by the sun, non-leather interior upholstery fades very quickly and the steering wheel and vinyl fittings can become too hot to touch! On the other hand, professionally installed premium window tinting prevents 100% of UVB rays and 98% of UVA rays entering your car, protecting the interior and keeping it looking in tip-top shape for longer.

Window tinting isn’t as expensive as you might think and it’s many benefits make it a very worthwhile investment for your comfort, health and security when driving.  For more information on professionally installed premium window tinting for your car, call us on 03 9724 9111, email us at or ask for a free quote.